Nelson & Forbes hand casts the original sculpture of British artists Jonathan Sanders and Sue Maclaurin in strictly limited editions in solid bronze and supplies it to galleries nationwide and directly to collectors worldwide.   Pieces ordered on this website will usually be delivered within four working days.

All our sculpture is cast by hand in English foundries, using the ancient technique of lost wax casting and we are the only company that casts the work of Jonathan Sanders and Sue Maclaurin in bronze.  We do not cast anything using resin, also known as cold cast bronze or epoxy resin.

Each sculpture takes our craftsmen two weeks to make by hand, using a process that is six thousand years old and requires a new mould be created and subsequently destroyed .  Each piece is then individually numbered and carefully packaged into a sumptuous handmade gift box along with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  All of our Boxes and Certificates are also individually made by hand in England using traditional techniques.

We believe that you should thoroughly enjoy every aspect of selecting and purchasing your sculpture, so if you have any questions or suggestions at any time, please do Contact Us to discuss them and we will do our very best to help.

If you need next day delivery for a last minute gift please call us on 01442 256290