Commissioning A Bronze Sculpture

We receive many enquiries from customers who would like a bronze created just for them.

We thought it might be useful to set out some of the basic information about this process, in case you are considering one for yourself.

Commissioning a sculpture involves working directly with a sculptor to create a sculpture just for you, either from a life subject or from photographs.  To date we have sculpted commissions of both children and animals.


The process takes six to eight months for a small piece such as Flying Cheetah and larger pieces will take longer. 

You will work closely with the scuptor, ensuring that you are happy with the original piece as it develops.  The piece will only be cast in bronze once you are completely happy with the original sculpture. 

The cost of a commissioned sculpture includes the sculpting price, the cost of the silicone mould and the cost of creating a casting in bronze.   It is possible to create more than one casting from the same silicone mould if you would like.



Prices start at £1,500.00 plus VAT in total for a small piece, similar in size to a Flying Cheetah

To create a piece such as a seated life size German Shepherd would cost approximately £9,000.00 plus VAT.

Prices depend on the size and pose of the sculpture, but these are indicative. 

The price of a commissioned sculpture is higher than our stocked items.  This is because the cost of sculpting the piece and the mould cost of a stocked sculpture is apportioned across all 250 castings in the edition.  When a sculpture is created as a one off bronze, the entire cost for the sculpting and mould is paid for in one casting.

If you would like to discuss a commission, please call email or call us.