Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen these in art galleries, are they the same thing?

We are the only company that casts the work of Jonathan Sanders and Sue Maclaurin in bronze.  We sell this work directly to collectors ourselves and we also make it available to galleries to sell.  Therefore you may well have seen these pieces for sale in galleries.  We do not supply internet only retailers.


Are limited editions really limited?

Yes, your sculpture and certificate will both tell you how many castings are in an edition as well as the number that yours is.  Once all the castings in a numbered edition have been made, we literally smash the mould so that no additional castings can ever be made.


I see sculptures for sale on other websites described as ‘Bronze’ or ‘Cold Cast Bronze’ that are much cheaper than on your site. Why are they cheaper?

 If a sculpture of the same size seems much cheaper, then it is very possible that it is ‘Cold Cast Bronze’.  Some websites can be confusing or misleading in their descriptions so make sure that you read any wording carefully. ‘Cold Cast Bronze’ is not bronze metal, but a plastic resin coloured to take on the superficial appearance of bronze metal.  It is made by mass production, often overseas in the Far East.  All of our bronze sculptures are cast individually by hand in metal at English foundries in a process that takes around two weeks. See Creation of Your Sculpture for more information on the creation of a genuine bronze sculpture.


It is possible to have a sculpture specially created?

We will happily arrange for our artists to create a sculpture just for you.  It generally takes approximately six months from the time that the sculptor starts working on the piece until you receive the first bronze casting. Price depends on the size and complexity of the piece, as well as the number of castings that you would like made. 

If you would like to discuss a commission, please Contact Us.


I’m buying this as a present. What if it is not suitable?

People often write to us to tell us how thrilled they are with their new sculpture when they receive it. However, we do have a 45 day no quibble refund policy, so if you would like to return your sculpture for any reason at all, you are most welcome to and we will refund your full postage price plus delivery charge. Please see our Shipping and Returns page for full details of this.


I have one of these pieces in a box that says 'Sculpture Company London' on it. Is that you?

We used to be called The Sculpture Company (London) Ltd and wanted to register our name as a trademark. Unfortunately that name could not be registered as it was too descriptive. Therefore, in September 2011, we changed our company name to Nelson & Forbes Ltd in order to register the name and that trademark is now printed on all our boxes and certificates. For a more detailed explanation of this, please read the news article we wrote at the time explaining our reasons for changing our name.